The Research Office of the University of Belize oversees the activities of the Institutional  Review Board (IRB), the Graduate Studies and Research Committee (GSRC) and the two UB Journals: Journal of Belizean Research and the Belize Creative Arts and Culture Series. In the future, the office will also oversee the Internal Research Grants and Awards policy.


The Research Office at the University of Belize exists to coordinate, build, and facilitate the ongoing development of the human and institutional research capacity in collaboration with the various academic units and individual researchers of the University, and partner institutions, to advance a research agenda that contributes to the sustainable development of Belize. 


The University of Belize is a recognized research leader advancing a research agenda for the sustainable development of Belize in collaboration with national and international partners.


The Research Office plays a coordinating and facilitating role of the research enterprise in collaboration with the various academic units and individual researchers of the University, and partner institutions. The Research Office’s strategic plan outlines four strategic areas for intervention: 

  1. Mobilize and enhance human research capacity, capability and performance*;
  2. Enhance institutional research capacity, capability, and performance; 
  3. Establish and sustain productive national and international partnerships for research. 
  4. Monitor and evaluate the university-based research agenda


The Director of Research is a senior member of the University's administration and is responsible for the Research Function of the University of Belize. The Director assumes responsibility for the development and management of the Office of Research including seeking research opportunities for UB faculty, coordinating research projects of UB faculty, generating research proposals, and managing the

UB research budget. The Director of Research is expected to play a leadership role in the overall development of Research Mission of the University. 


Dr. Joyanne De Four-Babb

Dr. Joyanne De Four-Babb, was appointed the Interim Research Director at the Research Office in January 2023. Prior to that, she served for four years as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Belize. She was the coordinator of the Field Experience and Research Methods in Education courses. Joyanne is currently the co-Chair of the Caribbean and African Studies in Education, Special Interest Group (86) of the American Educational Research Association (2020—2023) and has previously served that organisation in the capacity of Program Chair (2015-2016; 2019–2020). Dr. De Four-Babb is a doctoral Commonwealth Scholar and received her doctorate from the University of Waikato, Hamilton New Zealand.


Dr. De Four-Babb’s research focuses on the development of identity (being and becoming) among various populations, such as women faculty, teachers, business leaders, and women priests. Her other work has also focused on peer mentoring among women faculty, spirituality, practical experiences of learning to teach, and comparative collaboration as an emerging research method. She has presented her research at major conferences including the American Educational Research Association, Academy of Management, British Academy of Management, Biennial Narrative Research in Progress Conference, University of  the West Indies Biennial Conference in Education, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) Conference AQR/DPR Conference. She has also served as a peer-reviewer for the AERA Narrative SIG and CASE SIG, and for journals such as Gender and Education, Studies in Continuing Education,  the Caribbean Educational Research Journal, and Journal of Educational Administration and History.

Joyanne’s publications include multiple book chapters, and peer-reviewed articles in journals including Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning Professing Education, The Journal for the Study of Spirituality,The Journal of Educational Research, Caribbean Curriculum, Power and Education, and The Journal of Pan African Studies.


The main function of the IRB is to protect and manage the risk of human participants involved in research. In carrying out this role the IRB will ensure that all research conducted will: 

  • Promote safety and wellbeing of human participants 
  • Ensure the adherence to ethical values and principles 
  • Ensure that only ethical and scientifically valid research is approved 
  • To assure our stakeholders that all research conducted at UB is done in a responsible 


The board members for 2022-2024 are:

Dr. Geraldo Aldana 
Chair & Assistant Professor 
Dr. Danladi Chiroma Husaini 
Vice Chair & Assistant Professor 
Dr. Ismael Hoare 
Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Dr. Dylan Vernon
Founder & Managing Director, D-GOV Consulting Ltd. 
Mr. Kevin Arthurs
CEO Ministry of of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries
Dr. Marcia Commissiong
​Quality Assurance Director & Ex Officio
Dr. Kieran Ryan 
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sherlene Enriquez - Savery
Vice President
Dr. Joyanne De Four-Babb
Interim Research Director
Ms. Myrna Teck 
IRB Secretariat


The Graduate Studies and Research Committee is established to serve as the primary

governance body with responsibility to foster a culture of graduate studies and research at UB

and to manage graduate and research programs at UB using a coordinated approach to academic aspects and quality enhancement of all graduate taught and research programs.


The board members for 2022-2024 are:

Dr. Dion Daniel - Chair

Ms. Melanie Smith - Member

Ms. Theresa Coye - Member

Dr. Joyanne De Four-Babb

Dr. Jake Snaddon - Vice Chair

Mr. Maximiliano Ortega - Member

Ms. Deserie Avila - Member

Dr. Phillip J Castillo - Member

Mrs. Patricia Lopez - Member

Dr. Marcia Commissiong - Ex Officio

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